The aim of the cine club is to generate an interest in local and international, arthouse and independant film.


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Thomas MacDonagh Heritage Centre

Lower Main Street


Co. Tipperary




Parochial Hall, Cloughjordan

Clarke Memorial Hall, Borrisokane

Django's Hostel, Cloughjordan

The Black Studio, Cloughjordan



Joining the cineclub could not be simpler.

Just turn up!

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You can join our forum here at ning (supply an email and answer a few simple questions).

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>Regular emails on club screenings.

>Members of the club are part of a national network of over 70 non-profit cinemas and an international community of countless others.

>Attend viewing sessions of films where previews can be seen of upcoming releases.

>You will also be joining a group of people from your locality who enjoy going out to see a good film and maybe going for a drink afterwards to talk about film, or or even just shoot the breeze.

It is a fun and rewarding experience, take it from me I caught the bug over 5 years ago now and have never looked back.

Watching a film alone can be a deeply emotional experience. Watching a film together the experience is shared and in many ways more meaningful. As a group who watch a film together we now have this shared experience in common. Through this common ground we can develop strong bonds and friendships which may carry us through our lives

You can contact the club at

cloughjordancineclub (at)gmail(dot)com


How Did It All Begin? Read on..........

Cloughjordan Cineclub was founded in the Summer of 2005. If you would like to learn all about how we did it download the word document below.
How It All Began.doc

OUR FIRST FILM:The Station Agent.doc


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Next screening: Dreamtime Revisited Saturday 12 September 2015 @ 8pm


23 Aug      Beneath the Blindfold 

                  A Cloughjordan Amnesty Group screening

12 Sep       Dreamtime Revisited

                  Special (Saturday) pre-season screening

20 Sep       Marshland

18 Oct       Force Majeure

15 Nov      Timbuktu

20 Dec      Queen & Country

17 Jan '16 Cobain: Montage of Heck

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12 September 2015 pre-season screening of Dreamtime Revisited

Saturday 12 September 2015 screening - DREAMTIME REVISITED


Dreamtime Revisited

with introduction by Dónal Ó Céilleachair

When: Saturday 12 September @ 8pm

Where: Thomas MacDonagh Heritage Centre, Lower Main St.

Cost: €7, pay at the door, all welcome.


Dir:            Julius Ziz, Dónal Ó Céilleachair  (Dónal will be introducing the film)
Ireland    2011   76 mins
Cert:          CLUB
Language: English
Dreamtime, Revisited is a “walkabout in dreamtime Ireland” inspired by the works of writer, poet and philosopher, John Moriarty.
“It being Dreamtime then, the land was appropriated more effectively with myths than it…

Posted by Alastair on July 17, 2015 at 14:30




Review of 2013/14 season

Started by Alastair Jun 16, 2014.



23 Aug 15

Beneath the Blindfold  

A Cloughjordan Amnesty Group screening.


12 Sep 15

Dreamtime Revisited

A special Saturday pre-

season screening of 

20 Sep 15


18 Oct 15

Force Majeure

15 Nov 15


20 Dec 15

Queen & Country

17 Jan 16

Cobain: Montage of Heck


You can contact the Cineclub at

cloughjordancineclub (at)gmail(dot)com

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20 Jun 15  

Last of the season's screenings  Pride

24 May 15

The Hundred Foot Journey

Bealtaine Festival screening

17 May 15


Preceded by David Belgey's short film Breathe

10 May 15

The Quiet Man

A Bealtaine Festival screening

4 May 15

Joyeux Noel

Screened as part of the Thomas MacDonagh Weekend

19 Apr 15   

Two Days, One Night 

and the Irish short film


11 April 15

The Tragedy of Macbeth

15 Mar 15   Gold 

16 Feb 15

Moore Street Masala

The Herd 

Two Irish short films shown at the annual cineclub meeting.

15 Feb 15 

100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out The Window And Disappeared 

18 Jan 15  

20 Feet From Stardom

21 Dec 14 The Lunchbox

13 Dec 14 Frozen 

In association with Borrisokane Community Forum

16 Nov 14 Tracks

19 Oct 14 The Rocket

Preceded by the Irish short film Forty Foot

12 Oct 14 Les Fils du Vent

In association with Cloughtoberfest

11 Oct 14 Sita Sings The Blues In association with Cloughtoberfest.

21 Sept 14 Next Goal Wins


5 July 14 The Wizard of Oz  In association with Sheelagh na Gig bookshop.


15 June 14 The Iceman  

24 May 14  Quartet      

A Bealtaine film festival screening

18 May 14 Gloria

10 May 14 High Society

A Bealtaine film festival screening


5 May 14 War Horse     

Screened as part of the Thomas MacDonagh Weekend


13 Apr 14 Easy Money

9 Mar 14 Like Father Like Son


16 Feb 14 Before Midnight 

19 Jan 14   Mud

15 Dec 13 Love is All You Need

17 Nov 13 Beware Of Mr Baker

12 Nov 13 Bye Bye Now

An Irish short film screened during the Cineclub AGM.


20 Oct 13 No

15 Sept 13 Good Vibrations


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AUTUMN 2005 Programme



Festivals & other events 2006 - 2009

Cloughjordan Festival 2011 Screenings

 Screenings during the festival:

click on any of the titles for a link to further info.

Tuesday 28th June @ 8pm: 

Babette's Feast

Wednesday 29th June @ 7.30pm: 

The Illusionist

Wednesday 6th July @ 8pm: 


All screenings in The Parochial Hall, Step Road Cloughjordan.

see for further info on the screenings

Cloughjordan 2010 Festival Programme - 3 films    


Cloughjordan Festival 2007

Nenagh International Film Weekend 2007
Nenagh 2007

Nenagh International Film Weekend 2008

Nenagh Film Week (as it is now known) began back in 2007. The inspriation for the film event came from an idea of mine to bring Polish Film to Nenagh, where I felt there is an audience for this. I approached the Arts Office of North Tipperary County Council with my idea and was warmly welcomed and encouraged by Martina Finn, the then Arts Officer. We began planning the event in earnest. Unfortunately with the programme chosen and promotional material ready to go to print we lost access to the Polish titles (as they were withdrawn by the embassy over producers copyright concerns). The idea was dead in the water before it even got started.
Anyway, enough of that.
Out of this failed project came Nenagh International Film Weekend. WIth less than two weeks to go to the advertised festival the Arts Officer (Martina Finn) and myself frantically tried to come up with an alternative programme. In the end what came about was a diverse programme of international film from over six countries including, Ireland, Czech Republic, Russia, Hungary, and the USA. Nenagh International Film Weekend was born.
SInce then the event has gone from strength to strength (especially since the involvement of the returning Arts Officer Melanie Scott in 2008 & 2009 and Brendan Maher Manager Nenagh Arts Centre in 2009). Nenagh Film Week, as the name change suggests, is now a week long celebration of film with local filmmakers having their work showcased, youth film-making workshops, screenings and more.
It is hoped that the event can surpass itself in 2010 and become even more established as North Tipperary's premier annual film event. Watch this space (or check out www.Nenagh Film for more info)

2007 Programme
The Arts Office, North Tipperary County Council &
Nenagh Community Network (in association with Cloughjordan Cineclub)
Nenagh International Film Weekend 2007
Friday 30th, Saturday 31st March & Sunday 1st April
admission to all screenings is free

FRIDAY 3OTH: @ 8pm
NCN: Outcome of Spleodar Festival Workshop 06’ & Yu Ming is ainm dom (Irish Filmbase Short),
followed by A Short Film About Love

SATURDAY 31ST: @ 1.45pm
An Fiach Dubh (Irish Filmbase Short)
followed by The Cave of The Yellow Dog
@4pmTRYS: The Importance of The Environment
Followed by An Inconvenient Truth
@ 6.30pmThe Unusual Inventions of Henry Cavendish (Irish Filmbase Short)
followed by Czech Dream
@9.30pmIt happened one night (Irish Filmbase Short)
followed by Kontroll

@1.45pmNCN: Outcome of Spleodar Festival Workshop 06’ ,
The Banshee Lives in The Handball Alley,
& Tilly & The Teeth (Irish Filmbase Short),
followed by Kiricou & The Sorceress

2008 Programme
Nenagh International Film Weekend was established in 2007 by North Tipperary County Council’s Arts Office in association with Nenagh Community Network and Cloughjordan Cineclub to enable people locally to share in each others varying cultural identities through the common language of film.
The 2008 Film Weekend has been programmed by Ken Curran from
Cloughjordan Cineclub and there is something for all with comedy, drama,
action, history, animation, fantasy, family, music, love and more all mixed up in
the diverse programme.
Nenagh International Film Weekend, will present seven feature films from
around the globe (China, India, Ireland, Japan, Poland and Russia) as well as
a selection of local and Irish shorts. We are particularly proud to present two
locally made short films this year and view this event as an ideal platform for
promoting the work of local film-makers.
Themes resonant throughout the films are those of cultural meetings and
personal interactions. Be it the Chinese film crew working in Poland (Extras),
to the Irish-Latvian friendship (Once) to issues of family, identity and migration
of people (Koktebel & Shanghai Dreams). In Garage we see the world from the perspective of the individual, while the Japanese animation in The Cat Returns takes us to the world of fantasy through the eyes of a child. We also have a look at how a religion has its origins in a mixture of history and legend (Asoka).
To watch a film alone can be a deeply personal experience. Watching a film together, it is as if the audience have a shared experience. This shared experience we now have in common. Common ground can lead to a greater understanding of each other and a levelling of boundaries or misconceptions whereby cross-cultural friendships can grow”.
Ken Curran, Programme Curator, Nenagh International Film Weekend.

Friday 12th September
7pm: Event Launch @Town Hall, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary

Director: Michal Kweicinski, Poland (2007) 115mins, Starring: Kinga Preis, Stanislaw Brundy, Krzysztof Kiersznowski
Language: Polish
Chinese filmmakers decide to shoot a movie in Poland. They perceive Poles as a nation of sad people, so they want to hire them, when they need Europeans with gloomy faces to work as extras. The surprising events on the film set will lead to a revision of stereotypes. People from two different nations will each look at themselves from a distance and as a result, it will bring them together.

Preceeded by
Please Don’t Drink
by young people from Nenagh. A group of teenagers receive the same anonymous text message. Transported back in time to a historic schoolhouse, they quickly realise that they are not there alone. A fight for their survival then ensues.
More about Please Don’t Drink:
Nenagh Community Network in association with the SPLEODAR Community Arts Festival and Foróige organized a one week FilmFrenzy course during the local 2007 Arts Festival which aimed to give participants an overview of
working in the film industry. A group of 15 young people wrote, produced, acted in and directed a short film called ‘Please Don’t Drink’, a horror/drama short film,
showcasing local young talent.

10.15pm Friday
Director: Lenny Abrahamson Ireland (2007) 85mins 15A
Starring: Pat Shortt, Ann-Marie Duff and Conor Ryan
Language: English
Regarded by his neighbours as a harmless misfit, Josie (Pat Shortt) has spent all his adult life as the caretaker of a crumbling petrol station on the outskirts of a small town in the mid-west of Ireland. He is limited, lonely, yet relentlessly
optimistic and, in his own peculiar way, happy. Garage is the story of
Josie’s hapless search for intimacy over the course of a summer which sees his life changed forever. Garage is the second film from director Lenny Abrahamson and writer Mark O’Halloran the team behind the award-winning black comedy Adam & Paul.

Preceeded by
A Film from my Parish – 6 Farms
Funded by: The Irish Film Board, Radio Telefis Na hEireann ,The Arts Council.
7mins 10secs (2004) Director: Tony Donoghue. Producer: Janet Grainger.
Production Company: Mayfly Films
Filmed in North Tipperary: Locally based professional Film Maker Tony Donoghue presents A Film From My Parish - 6 Farms. This film contains 6 stories from 6 farms in County Tipperary, shot in the parish of Terryglass -Kilbarron. The farmers know each other and the film reflects on everyday life and parish living. This film is part of an ongoing animated photographic study of Irish farm life and was shot using only a digital stills camera , a mini disc recorder, a tripod and a bicycle. Recently screened in Uruguay, Italy, Buffalo, New York, San Francisco, Seattle and London, it is also scheduled for the prestigious Telluride Film Festival in Colorado in September.

Saturday 13th September

1.30pm Saturday
The Cat Returns
(Neko no Onganeshi)
Director: Hiroyuki Morita Japan / USA (2002) 75mins GEN
Family Matinee Animated feature
Language: English
The Cat Returns is an animated tale from Studio Ghibli, featuring the voices of an all star cast including: Anne Hathaway, Tim Curry, Cary Elwes, Elliot Gould, Kristine Sutherland, Judy Greer, Kristen Bel. 17-year-old Haru is not finding life
as a teenager in modern Japan to her liking. She finds the rush of the busy schooldays overwhelming and tiring. One day Haru spots a cat carrying a small box trying to cross a busy street against a red light. She impulsively dashes out
into the street and saves the cat who turns out to be the King’s son. The Cat King accompanied by his royal retinue pays Haru a visit to issue an invitation to visit the Kingdom of Cats.

Preceeded by
Agricultural Report
Irish Film Board Short. Ireland 3 mins (2004) Comedy Animation
Directed by: Melina Padua Produced by: Barry O’Donoghue
Production Company: Barley Films

3pm Saturday
Director: Boris Khlebbnikov & Alexei Popgrebsky
Russia (2003) 105mins. Starring: Igor Csernyevics, Aleksandr Ilyin, Vladimir Kucherenko
Language: Russian
Following the death of his wife and loss of his apartment, an aerodynamics engineer decides to journey across Russia with his son to his sister Marina’s at
Koktebel in the Crimea. They head south by train and on foot, looking for odd jobs as they go. After encounters with a deranged man who hires them to fix his roof, an extended drinking bout leads to the homeowner shooting the father. A lonely healer named Xenia takes them in and, when the man draws closer to her, the boy continues the journey on his own in search of the sea he has longed to visit. The simple account of the journey is given added strength through the use of unusual subjective viewpoints and an imagery and observation that is genuinely poetic.

Preceeded by
The White Dress
Ireland 3mins 42secs (2006) Directed by: Vanessa Gildea

6pm Saturday
Shanghai Dreams
Director: Wang Xiaoshuai China (2005) 123mins GEN
Gao Yuanyuan, Li Bin, Yan Anlian, Wang Xueyang, Qin Hao
Language: Mandarin
Wang Xiaoshuai’s Cannes prizewinner is rooted in firsthand memories. In the late 60s, when China feared attack by the USSR, armament factories and other ‘front line’ industries were relocated from cities on the eastern seaboard to remote inland areas, and idealistic young adults were persuaded to resettle in dirttowns like Guiyang to staff them. Less than 15 years later, many were desperate to move back to the urban sophistication of such cities as Shanghai, disillusioned by life in the sticks and eager to taste the new freedoms of the 80s. The Wu family is a case in point and this is their story.

Preceeded by
Yu Ming Is Ainm Dom
13mins, (2003), Directed by: Daniel O’Hara, Produced by: Grainne O’Carroll
and Ingrid Goodwin

8.30pm Saturday
Director: John Carney Ireland (2006) 83min 15A
Starring: Glen Hansard, Markéta Irglová
Language: English
More words are sung than spoken as John Carney’s disarmingly charming Dublin musical charts the tender relationship that forms between a Grafton Street busker (Glen Hansard) and a Czech pianist (Markéta Irglová). Their chemistry is beautifully expressed when they make sweet music together
in an irresistibly, appealing movie that is full of heart and packs an emotional punch.

10pm Saturday
Director: Santosh Sivan India (2001) 173mins UK cert 12
Language: Hindi
Historical drama about Emperor Asoka who ascended the throne of Magadha in
the third century BC and, desperately wanting to extend the boundaries of his kingdom, declared war on a neighbouring province. Overcome with remorse, Asoka renounced violence and dedicated his life to spreading the word of
Buddhism across the world.

Preceeded by
(2005) Director: Lorcan Finnegan Producer: Cormac Fox
Contact Details: Lovely Films

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